The World Wide Web of Beatrice

About me: First, if you haven't been to the Main Page I might humbly suggest you do so for some basic information. I am happy to have you on my web site on the World Wide Web! As you may be able to tell, I am a majorly nostalgic nerd who and will go on spontaneous rants about internet culture, UNIX, Windows 9x operating systems, old video games, Japanese otaku culture, and anything else floating around in the cluttered mess that is my brain.

Things that are important to me are LGBTQ+ issues, free software, civil rights and privacy, and the environment.

I play rhythm games, Touhou, and Pokemon

I listen to Vocaloid, hip-hop, progressive rock/metal, and tracker music

Some tools and websites I love are Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, bash/zsh, vim, RubyMine, homebrew, screen, and ssh.

I use MacOS on an ultrawide monitor with a tiling window manager (Amethyst). I use the Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard and love it

I believe that we are all imperfect works in progress and that everyone has a beautiful and unique gift to offer the world. I am working on finding mine.