The World Wide Web of Beatrice

My Portfolio:Here are some projects I've worked on at Ada Academy or in the past that I am particularly proud of:

Note that I am a beginner in my journey and these will not be amazingly inventive or advanced, but they are a snapshot of where I am at

This site!

This very website is the largest hand-coded HTML/CSS website I have ever made! (And the most radical!) I have learned a lot about how to make a website look the way I want it on multiple screen sizes and formats. I wanted to create a very "me", very 90s looking website in full standards compliant HTML5/CSS3. What's old is new again, right?
An image of this very website. Meta, right?

Skills learned/applied:

  • Hand-coded HTML5/CSS3
  • CSS Grid & Flexbox for positioning
  • A multitide of custom CSS styling

Avicenna Massage

This was the first website I ever worked on since learning HTML from AOL tutorials in the 90s. I felt way out of my elment but picked things up using a CSS framework called Pure. The website is definitely "still in beta" in my head, accesskey=" but IRL it's in production - it's being used for the local business I built it for! I also host the website on a VPS.

Skills learned/applied:

  • Building a website quickly to client specification with a CSS framework
  • Using server side includes to make site maintenance easier
  • Building a responsive website that looks great on all devices

Solar System

This was my first major object oriented program! I also spent a lot of time making the CLI interface really colorful and easy to use!
The Solar System program

Skills learned/applied:

  • Building user-friendly CLIs with Ruby with lots of input validation
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Using Ruby gems to perform tasks (like colorize text)